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About Esporta

The Esporta® Wash System was inspired by Margie and Randy Rhode after driving their son to a hockey tournament in a van full of stinky hockey gear. The first prototype machine was capable of washing two sets of hockey gear in a stainless steel wire compartment, and provided the foundation for the Esporta patents on a fourth method of washing: the concept of moving an object through the washing medium, utilizing hydraulic energy to clean.

The success of the first prototype prompted the development of a washing system that could wash and dry four sets of gear at a time.  With input from Scott Carter of Vaughn Canada, the Rhode Family engaged Brian Gorbell, the inventor of the Ballard Fuel Cell, to design this machine. The machine was re-designed to handle eight sets of gear, and eventually, through a progression of design improvements, prototyping, independent laboratory testing and innovation, went into commercial production in 2002.

With systems installed in North America, Europe, Australia, and Russia, the Esporta ES-3300 Wash System has become the next generation of cleaning technology.  

With our cleaning claims supported by independent laboratory testing, and our innovations protected by several patents, Esporta sets the standard for delivering paradigm shifting integrated washing systems.

Esporta has made vast advancements over the past thirteen years, in both the refinement and the application of that technology. As a company, Esporta strives to reach new levels in machine and detergent innovation, independent laboratory testing and verification, education and environmental awareness.

Esporta's mission is to maximize customer success through continuous innovation