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Delivery Information

Your large detergents and supply orders will be shipped using a less than truck load (LTL) Dock-to-Dock service. Dock to Dock refers to your receiving area having a "dock high" area, where the truck backs up and unloads directly from the trailer straight across to your dock.  If you don't have a dock area, but have a forklift that is also an option.  If you do not have a loading dock or forklift to unload your shipment, you will require a power tailgate service.  This is a truck with an "elevator" tail gate that brings your product from the back of the truck to the ground. Once it is on the ground, you bring it into your building. 

Have your people call our people at 800-881-7781 for a quote prior to completing your order if you require a power tailgate service. 

You can expect most products to ship to you within 7 business days.  Some special order products and parts may have an extended lead time which is identified in the product details when you place an order online.  Conditions such as winter weather may delay shipments.  Prepare for extended lead times in the winter to avoid running out of supplies.

When you receive your shipments from Esporta® or any other supplier, it is essential that you carefully inspect the shipment for damage or missing items before signing the waybill.  The waybill is a legal document with the shipping company and once you sign it, the shipping company is released from responsibility and the responsibility becomes yours.  In the event that there are damaged or missing items on the shipment, you must carefully document that on the waybill and have the driver clearly sign off on the damages or missing items.  Take photographs of the shipment and leave it in its original packaging for the shipping company to inspect.